Indi Moda - Our Story

Clothing brand that

redefines women's wear.



indi moda founder ikat dress

The vision for IndiModa is to create and curate comfortable yet stylish pieces for modern women. Effecting artisanal jobs for craftspeople all over India and various self-help groups, IndiModa is the brainchild of Manasi Kabadi. You will see that IndiModa reveals her roots in ethnic, traditional, and classic clothing. The fabrics, silhouettes, and ideas speak directly to the contemporary woman of today. (Indi means a bright, young lady and Moda means fashion)


Manasi Kabadi is a true Mumbaikar at heart. Her pieces articulate the essence of working in a rushed scene with ease of movement. Creative Director and Founder of IndiModa, she is trained as Chartered Accountant and has worked with a pharmaceutical company. Further, she traveled overseas to pursue her MBA at IE Business School. All along, her fondness for fashion flourished. She loved to fiddle around with colors & prints. You may notice that it gets impersonated in the stylish apparel at IndiModa. Handcrafted across India, IndiModa, creates upcycled clothing, home accessories, and jewelry out of textile waste. IndiModa pieces are an everyday adornment to make your day more delightful.


That's OUR STORY. Hope you are as proud of it as we are.

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Sustainable Affordable Handmade Fairtrade

We believe time is the new luxury. Sustainable, affordable celebrates a style of life valuing a simpler, smarter way. 

Designed with longevity and made responsibly, each piece is made for everyday ease so that you love what you wear.

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