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Our Philosophy




Only the best quality fabric, thread and colour are used to make our garments.
Every thread & fabric is sourced from vendors after testing their operations & products.
All of our clothing is made with utmost care without compromising on quality or price. We strive for nothing but the best.


In a room full of women, the lone 'indi' lady strives
to shine as her unique self.
We are always on the hunt for
something new & something creative
that will make women stand out in a crowd.
Also our garments have a unique artisanal touch t
hat make them stand out. 
Our head-turning designs empowers that woman.


We are a homegrown brand from Mumbai, India.
We source our fabrics from local weavers or
small scale manufactures.
Our garments are hand made
by local tailors, embroiders, stitchers, etc. 
We translate the craft of Indian artisans through our chic outfits.