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Cotton Reversible Masks - Artisanal Made

Rs. 280.00

Stay safe while staying comfortable.

With Covid-19 still in the picture, wearing masks will still be the norm for most of 2021. Masks are still going to be a big part of our new normal, just like our everyday clothes.

Our reusable masks are made out of pure cotton with zero wastage
The masks designed by our Imtiaz Tailor. Our Karigar (artist) have designed and constructed these masks taking into consideration sizes and requirements of the current covid crisis. Made in pure cotton, all masks are made by up cycling fabric waste. The strings attached to the masks make it easy to wear & remove the masks for shorter period of times.

Maximum profits from these masks will be returned to our artisans respectfully.

Masks meant for adults.

Size - 11 cm x 9.5 cm