Indi Moda x Vasundhara Mudgil

Indi Moda x Vasundhara Mudgil

Indi Moda x Vasundhara Mudgil

From managing stakeholders to collaborating with internal teams, and from nurturing journalist relationships to creating a consistent and meaningful narrative for Spotify in India -- Vasundhara does everything like a boss.

Indi Moda sat down with Vasundhara Mudgil, the Head of Communications at Spotify India to learn about what drives her and keeps her motivated day after day. Here’s her perspective on work and beyond.


Is there one habit or task you do everyday?

As soon as I wake up, I spend about 15 minutes lounging in my balcony to energise myself for the day. Once at work, I spend around half an hour to catch up on key news for the day before diving into work mode.


How do you brighten your day?

Needless to say - music. Discovering new music and playlists absolutely brightens up my day. Over the last few weeks, I have also started listening to podcasts. For me, it's a great way to start my morning, or even unwind after a long day.

I also sneak in 30 minutes of easy exercise every alternate day, and make sure I laugh enough at work and at home.

What are your biggest passions that drive you everyday?

It feels incredible to work for a brand that I love as a consumer. I get to interact with my brilliant peers at work, and have the opportunity to collaborate with team members across the world. In addition, the ability to be a credible storyteller based on data and insights is what drives me everyday. 

Yellow Ikat cotton dress with belt detailing & side slit 



How important is dressing up well for work for you?

I believe that if you feel good about yourself - whether because of the clothes you wear or the food you eat, you’ll feel confident at work and in your interactions with people. So, yes I do like to dress up in clothes that are professional, yet comfortable.

I also keep one easy day of dressing down at work per week when I pick something totally random out of my closet and wear it without giving it much thought.



How do you maintain an ideal work-life balance?

Instead of coming home early and then restarting the work from home, I prefer to stay back that 30 minutes or 1 hour extra at office to wrap up the day's work. Unless critical, I do not set up late evening work calls. I prefer early morning calls with colleagues in Singapore and the US. Evenings are reserved for unwinding, catching up with family and friends, watching a TV show, or reading a book.

How do you handle criticism in your work life?

When it comes to giving feedback, I always make it a point to critique my team members and peers without getting personal. Well-thought out and articulated feedback is more effective, as opposed to giving knee-jerk reactions to one off situations.

While criticism is never easy to hear, it is an important part of the development process at work, and we need to find a way to positively accept, and act upon it. Feedback has been an important part of my career growth over the last decade. I didn’t have to agree with everything that everyone told me, but focused on criticism that came from trusted people.



Photographs by Shradha Chonkar
Words by Ritika Tiwari
Location WeWork, Bandra


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