INDI MODA X RASHMI RAMESH : A glimpse into Indi Moda’s latest muse’s life!

INDI MODA X RASHMI RAMESH : A glimpse into Indi Moda’s latest muse’s life!

INDI MODA X RASHMI RAMESH : A glimpse into Indi Moda’s latest muse’s life!
Being a woman isn’t an easy task! From managing household chores to staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, they have to manage it all. 
We recently got in touch with one  such superwoman, Rashmi Ramesh, who is a dancer and a yogini! We had a detailed chat about her work, take on fashion and life. 
Tell us about you! 
I am a yogini and a dancer, a travel-freak who is head standing around the world, adventure-seeker and someone who loves spending time with babies. Professionally, I teach Yoga-lates which is a combination of Yoga and Pilates to adults and have also developed a special musical Yoga program for young kids which I call Yoga Guppy. I also do theatre and speech and drama with kids. Additionally, I also have a YouTube channel that lets people from across the world join me in staying fit and working out. 
How did you get inspired to get into Yoga? 
I have always been inclined towards movement arts. I used to dance from a very young age and I still continue to do so. However, it was my mother who served as an inspiration to get into Yoga. When I was younger, we would be on our mats every morning trying out new things and newer exercises. Eventually, I decided to study further and completed my Teachers Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram Himalayas. 
Rashmi is wearing Bandhani Dupatta
Blouse from our Upscale Collection
What words best describe your personality?
High adrenaline, travel junkie, cleanliness freak, salad monster (that’s what my brother calls me), and Khaleesi! 
One habit that you can’t do without...
I can’t imagine a day without my Yoga practice and my morning fruit smoothies! These two things are a must, no matter where I am. 
What is it that drives you to do your best everyday?
It isn’t easy to always be your 100% best every day but I feel grateful that I love what I do and found my calling. This gratitude helps me put in efforts to make every day a productive one. 
Rashmi Ramesh yogi & dancer
What is the scope of Yoga in India, as per you?
Yoga has become a huge industry in India. About a decade ago, when I started teaching, it was not considered to be a full time profession. From a business point of view, India has a lot of catching up to do. The Yoga industry boomed in the west a long time ago but only over the past 4 to 5 years, the awareness has increased in India and more people are leaning towards it. But there is so much more to do in terms of Yoga in schools, especially in the tier 2 and 3 cities.
What are your goals - professional and personal?
My life goal is to be happy, stay busy and if all fails go for a swim! We sometimes make these 5 year plans without being prepared for all the surprises (both good and bad) that life has in store for us. So I would rather live in the present, take each day as it comes, give it my best shot and be the best version of myself.
Rashmi Ramesh yogi & dancer
Rashmi is wearing South Cotton Flare Dress
One myth about Yoga that you want to break...
I have heard so many people say that Yoga is slow and boring. With all the classes that I teach, I always strive to make them more fun and interesting to break that myth.
What’s your mantra behind the perfect work-life balance?
I go out of my way to ensure that I have time to do the things I love doing. Apart from all the gazillion classes that I teach and the yoga shoots for the channel, I ensure to keep up with my dance training to satisfy the artist in me, my vacations to satisfy the travel junkie in me, guitar classes for the musician in me, and my workouts to ensure an optimum level of fitness and most importantly, spending time with family to keep me grounded. 
We also discussed with her about what she thinks of the ever-evolving fashion industry! Here are the excerpts from our conversation:
Do you think dressing up well is important?
I think more than dressing up well, it is how you carry yourself that is the most important. Confidence and comfort holds more importance for me than brands and labels.
What defines your fashion personality?
My fashion personality is all about comfort and bright colours! If you have a look at my wardrobe, I merely have any blacks, browns and greys. I totally dig long dresses and jhumkas! 
What’s your pick: traditional or western wear?
Hands-down, traditional! I absolutely love wearing saris but because of my profession I can’t wear it every day. However, come any function and you will always spot me in a saree. 
What do you prefer: comfort or trend?
Comfort, for sure!
What’s that one dress you want to repeat for every function?
Depends on what the function is. However, I love my long printed cotton dresses for a Sunday brunch or a family get together. 
Do you follow trends or go for classics?
I don’t follow trends. I find it very hard to keep up with fashion trends and to me it seems like a herd mentality. I would rather stick to what I like and feel more comfortable wearing to create my own trend. Also 9 out of 10 days you will find me in workout clothes because I am either teaching Yoga or working out myself. 
What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?
Being a vegan for over a decade now, I have to say that sustainable fashion is the way to go. Veganism isn’t just about food but also lifestyle choices - the products we wear, carry or consume. If we can create a difference to the environment by making smarter choices, then why not!
Stay tuned for our next blog on another inspiring working woman. Until then, go follow Rashmi on her Instagram for daily dose of fitness motivation. 
Photographs by Shradha Chonkar
Words by Twinkle Bhatia
Location courtesy Aum Yash Kendra

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