Gangster’s Paradise

Gangster’s Paradise

Gangster’s Paradise

Empowered women empower women

As I walk through the shadow of valley of death, I take a look of my life and realize there’s nothing left. I’ve been brassin’ and… over dramatic? Well, that’s how Dr Riddhi felt without her morning tea! Maybe she just had a feeling about that day, you know like a woman’s premonition? She just knew that she would be required to run along the streets in a mad rush to conquer that one pending case at the dental clinic that day.

The acid attack survivor was due at 10 am for a cosmic surgery. Over the years, she had made her clients her close friends through a natural harmony with nature in building genuine rapports with them. And this one case was very close to her heart. But the morning tea!!! Says she really did feel like a lady gangster lost in a white noise paradise that morning. And damn! Her driver had to be late that day only?! .“Why god why? *Dr Riddhi mentally complained to God* It was 9:30 am and she thought positively that she could still steal a cuppa before her patient arrived! But her driver woes! Well, that’s another story.

Welcome to a life changing day in Dr Riddhi Katara’s life as a cosmic surgeon, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and above all an independent woman fighting every day to live her dream. She is a 30 year old professional practitioner and also an entrepreneur who runs her own clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, India.

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As she frantically waved at her driver from across the road and he like a total ass sauntered his way to the car, she literally jumped off her balcony! (I mean like in hyperbole, of course) She ran back inside the room and planted a kiss on hubby bear’s cheek and in her palazzos and a pair of a comfy T; rushed towards the car. She just had to do this!

The challenges she faced as a women leader in her domain of expertise, working rough times in her quest to collect funds for her clinic back in her days when she was still an employee, the entire globe of information absorption of how to run her business as she wasn’t a finance student. She had to self-learn a lot of skills on the job. It wasn’t easy as she was just married at that time. That was also around the same time when she inaugurated her own practice.

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To learn to multitask between her clinic and her family, she has had her share of ups and downs. Sometimes to an extent that she almost gave up being an entrepreneur. She shot back to reality and literally cursed under her breath to forget her urge to sip some tea right now as she mentally calculated the procedure of the surgery.

Five minutes into the drive and she had to calm her nerves. She had to accept the fact that because of her spoiled-ass driver she’d have to go into surgery without her chai! Oh well, all in a day’s work she supposed. Sacrifices make you stronger. And she was ready to sacrifice an integral part of fully waking up that morning for this one patient who had her by her heart.

A strong woman and determined feet, she had survived a volcano a few years ago. What a terrifying time it must have been for her. It had become Dr Riddhi’s mission as a cosmic dental surgeon to make the survivor’s beautiful face prettier ever since she learned about her case.

After careful planning that ran into countless months because Dr. didn’t want to take an ounce of risk with her patient, she finally arranged for the surgery to be held that day. Her thought process came to a halt 15 minutes later as she stepped onto the foyer of her clinic.

Walking into the warm and vibrant space, with Hip-Hop music playing in the background, she calmed down. She was once again assured that all was well in her world. That’s what the clinic did to her. It bought peace to her and gave her a sense of mission to live for. Most importantly, it defined her colorful personality precisely.

Expert Teeth dental care was a place for all the bad teeth in the world! It was also a haven for her patients who forgot their fears at the door. Yes, she is very proud to treat some of the most famous celebrities and Bandra natives for two years now. Dr. Riddhi’s entertaining and very cute receptionist, who always has the perfect song for every situation at the clinic, gave her an encouraging thumbs up as she prepared and changed for the operation due in ten.

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As Dr. revised her notes, she says at that moment when she was about to attend to the most important case in her career, she was lost in a moment’s nostalgia remembering what a struggle filled but satisfying run it has been to be in this position today.

Convincing non-Doctor parents to allow her to study dentistry and then years of thorough practice in acquiring a reliable reputation as a cosmic dentist, meeting the man of her dreams; her personal and professional life had been a roller coaster these past few years as she juggled between maintaining a balance in her married life as well focus her energies on opening Expert Teeth Dental care and starting her independent dentistry.

She says her mother’s been her greatest strength in this journey, her steady backbone in this breaking bad series of her life. Dr. Riddhi’s ward boy called out the patient and she took a deep breath and went into the operating room. She silently prayed a small prayer of gratitude to God to give her this opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face. She remembers beaming at the survivor who looked wide-eyed with expectation and fear at her. Dr held her hand for a brief moment reassuring her that she was going to do just fine.

The clock struck 10 am and she signaled her nurse for the knife. After five hours and exactly 20 minutes, the surgery was over. The patient was unconscious and she took just over a minute to look at her, now wrapped in bandage. Dr. Riddhi silently told her, “You were beautiful before this surgery. Now you’re a Goddess who survived a hail storm successfully.”

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Dr walked out of the theatre room and announced the good news of a successful surgery to the patient’s parents. That was the first time, she reminisces the exquisite feeling a sense of an inner peace, a bespoke success, a moment of pure pride as a dentist. She nearly collapsed on her favorite thing in the clinic-Her beloved purple sofa and wished somebody would just give her that pending tea of hers.

The ward boy heard her silent cry so he rushed out and go her some. And readers, Dr Riddhi describes this moment as she sipped her tea as a moment of euphoria! *Lol* She says at that moment she was one with the world again. That everything around her was beautiful and she could literally feel herself floating in joy! She then grabbed her phone and told hubs about the successful surgery and he said he had planned a surprise get away in summer! That just elated her even more!!

It was 6:30 pm when she took a last sip of her semi-cold tea and casually laughed at the thought that her husband made sure she didn’t have to cook every night. She could now just go back home and rest it out before dinner. Dr Riddhi proudly says that she doesn’t act like a married woman at all! And that’s okay with her hubs because he believes she is his better half and not his subordinate.

It is truly a blessing to find a man who treats you as his equal. In this world of acknowledged patriarchy, I give a shout out to all men! You, yes you! You can push women to be greater! You can push them to break the glass ceiling! Be their guiding force, won’t you?

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And a big shout out to all working women, multi-tasking like her and juggling emotional responsibilities between work and home- Don’t give up! You’re on the right path. Work towards where you want to be in a few years. Don’t let the struggle make you back out. You’ll see it’ll all be worth it in the end.

The pressure we women feel to get married at the right age, the pressure we feel from our in-laws to take better care of our homes and children, the pressures we feel in a competitive, man driven industry, the pressure of it all on ourselves to outdo each challenge; Women-DON’T GIVE UP! Overcome the pressure of your responsibilities like a pro as only super women like us can. But most importantly, find a man who will support you to fulfill your dream like Dr. Riddhi’s does.

In this world full of gangster men, become the gangster woman that men are petrified of! With this little profile in a regular day in her life, Dr wishes to urge you to become a gangster of women empowerment paradise.

She recalls how that mad day ended. Her husband walked in as she changed into her night clothes and gently hugged her from behind. She says she had everything she could ever want in that moment. Dr Riddhi then thanked the lord and thanked hubs for making her who she is today- An empowered woman empowering women! Knock off your socks women! Cheers!!

 Words by Jumana Mahabaleshwarwala

Make up by Avisha

Photographs by Sahil Kasture

Styled by Indi Moda

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